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IV Hydration Therapy at Your Doorstep

Sarah Beck

Registered nurse Sarah Beck, founder of Hydra Beach IV, has spent years witnessing the detrimental effects of unhealthy lifestyles. Committed to educating others on the benefits of healthy living, she emphasizes that many people do not receive sufficient nutrients from their diet alone. “Even oral supplements offer limited absorption, with the body absorbing only about 20 percent,” she affirms. Recognizing this gap, Beck highlights the significant role of IV hydration therapy, which can provide nearly 100 percent absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, elec- trolytes and amino acids.

While hospitals have long offered IV hydration therapy, Beck saw the potential to bring it directly to the community. In response, she founded Hydra Beach IV, a mobile and concierge business providing IV hydration therapy in the comfort of clients’ homes. “Hydra Beach IV tailors treatment plans to meet individual wellness goals, whether you’re at the beginning of your wellness journey or looking to maintain your overall health,” explains Beck. Her initiative ensures that optimal nutrient absorption is accessible to all, promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

Beck has dedicated her career to preventive health and wellness. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she has since gained extensive experience in perioperative care, case management, and home care. Residing on the picturesque Emerald Coast with her husband, David, and their beloved dog, Kora, she passionately advocates for maintaining health to prevent or delay disease and reduce reliance on conventional medication.

Sarah Beck, BSN, RN, can be reached at 850-601-2323 or by visiting

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